Self-contained and portable laboratory tumble blender. Capable of handling varying size vessels.  Hinged safety cover encloses the rotating vessel.  Cover is electrically interlocked to the controls circuit preventing the vessel from rotating when the cover is elevated.  Variable Speed.


Single pedestal  blender. Capable of blending vessels of varying sizes.  Controls manipulate the blending vessel for charging, blending and discharge. Cantilevered design include a smaller footprint, easier access for loading and sampling & ease of maintenance.


Blender is PLC controlled with a remotely mounted touch-screen operator interface. Controls shall manipulate the blending vessel for charging, blending and discharge. Blender is rated for atmospheric pressure, non-volatile product.  All sizes and geomtries available.

Full Suites

Fully integrated and designed Production Blending suites. Completely contained and automated through a central control system.  Seamlessly connected and communicated with up and down stream process equipment w/ central repository.

Bin Blending

Spearheading the design and approach of Bin Blending including proper fill levels and parameters.  System supplied with Blender and Bins capable of varying batch levels.  Integrate existing equipment as necessary.  Full design from Loading to Discharge.

Double Cone

Minimize overhead requirements with a reliable tumble blender design utilizing the double cone.  All Blending systems capable of through-wall layout that minimize blending equipment within the process area and simplifying maintenance and inspection.

Offset Cone

Added blender efficiency with tumble and axial powder movement within a slant cone blending shell.  Fill and load levels as required.  Capable of being mounted on a lift/lower post.

V (Twin Shell)

Improved tumble blending with increased inclusive V-angle to mitigate segregation and improve mass flow.  All blenders capable of sealed internal intensifier bar blending and liquid feed.  Units available up to 200 cu-ft Working.