Bin Blending

Creative Design and Machine pedestal blender sequence, from Load, Lift & Blend is PLC controlled.   The Post Blender will be used to Blend Bins at a programmable speed.  The post blender will have variable speed drives to blend.  All external components are constructed from 304 stainless steel.

The vessel rotation is achieved through a variable frequency drive and TEFC gear motor.  Speed is controlled through the operator interface. Rotational speed based on vessel size.

Ball-Screw drive directly coupled to a TEFC brake motor. A ball bearing screw runs on lubricated free moving ball bearings.  The screw and nut have matching helical grooves.  As the screw or nut rotates, and the rolling balls reach the trailing end of the nut, they are recycled and returned to the leading end of the circuit.  The cycle resumes and the balls recirculate continuously.  This is the safest and most efficient lifting technology available.  The CDM manufactured lift utilizes a directly coupled electrically driven ball-screw with variable frequency drive to assure the most accurate positioning available.  Lift/lower speed set at 15 feet/minute.    No chains, hydraulics, belts or pulleys are used that can rupture, leak, wear or break.