Fabricated and shrouded in Stainless Steal ideal for GMP environements.  Variety of functions availabe.  Lifting arms designed as required to lift/lower process equipment, valves, chutes, motors, tool tables, etc.  Portable and battery operated with charger.

Single-piece enclosed sealed stainless steal lifting column with mechanical operated ball-screw lifting drive. Fabricated & designed for GMP cleanroom and rugged manufacturing environments. Lift capacity & Load/load positions as required.  

Lift & dock Bins and transport bins easily.  Systems integrated with downstream equipment to safely allow movement during charging. Upgrade conveying to gravity fed systems to reduce energey consumption and cost.  Safest lifting technology available. 

Safer and cleaner alternative to overhead chains and hoists. Allows for the lifting/lower of Bags without any exposed pinch points, chains or grease.  Fully automated and supplied with CDM supplied discharge frame to integrate with downstream equipment.

Fully automatic and manual operations available.  Repeatable and reliable machines that can adapt to specific application requirements.  Accommodates drums of varying sizes and dimensions.  Remotely actuated valve with plenty of flow encouraging devices.

Fluid Bed Bowl inverters allow for gravity fed discharging systems for all available bowls.  Lift, rotate and dock a full bowl of product under containment and at various locations as needed.  PLC programmed and controlled through variable frequency drives. Color touchscreen available.

Bin-to-Bin process includes all aspects of manufacturing including Milling, Screening and Sifting.  Modifications of existing equipment available.  Gravity fed systems under containment with all necessary ancillary equipment and controls.  Multiple phases of manufacturing from one unit.


Custom Lift Equipment and Engineering services available.  Regardless of application, CDM capable of defining, designing and proposing a Safe and Reliable lifting and manipulating mechanism as required.  Process and Mechanical Engineers working closely with customer as needed.